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In Ireland, there are five other Masonic Organisations, each having an independent governing body. Royal Arch Masons are the first of these organisations. While Grand Lodge works in perfect harmony with all the other branches of the order, Royal Arch Masonry, governed by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Ireland, has the unique distinction of being directly recognised by the Grand Lodge of Ireland.

Royal Arch Masonry includes both Royal Arch Masonry and the associated Degree of Mark Master Mason. All masons who become Royal Arch Masons must first be advanced to the degree of Mark Master Mason.

Royal Arch meeting are referred to as Chapter meetings and only work the Royal Arch degree. This gives rise to the shortened term RAC when referring to a Chapter. Members of a Royal Arch Chapter are referred to as Companions. Chapter meetings will have a full range normal activities. The Mark Master Mason meetings are held in a Mark Master Masons Lodge. Such meetings are only convened for the purpose of conferring the Mark degree on new candidates or for the installation officers. No other work is conducted in a Mark Lodge. This order uses red as the signature colour, while blue is the signature colour of the Masonic Lodges.

Any Mason, who has been a Master Mason for more than one year, can apply for membership of a Royal Arch Chapter and the associated Mark Master Mason Lodge. Before being elected to one of the three principal offices in the Royal Arch Chapter, a Companion must either be a serving Worshipful Master of a Lodge or a Past Master.

Royal Arch Chapters are organised into Districts. These Districts are similar but not the same as the Masonic Provinces. The District Grand Chapter of South Eastern covers the counties of Kilkenny and Waterford, and the town of Clonmel. Many Lodges have associated Royal Arch Chapters, but not all lodges have chapters. While there is a Royal Arch Chapter (RAC) is Carlow, it does not belong to the District of South Eastern.

The District Grand Royal Arch Chapter is held three times each year, in March, September and November. The meetings are held in Waterford, Kilkenny and Clonmel respectively. The three Chapters in the District are

                RAC 32 - Waterford Chapter

                RAC 44 - Clonmel Chapter

                RAC 642 - Ormond Chapter (Kilkenny)

More details of each Chapter is given on the associated Lodge pages

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